Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty on XBrand Products

Manufacturer warranty covers:

  • Parts that are deemed defective within 30 days will be shipped free of charge.
  • Any warranty claim after 30 days will require shipping to be paid by the customer.

Parts may be available for purchase when the warranty has expired. Some parts are available for immediate purchase, while others may be requested from a factory overseas.

If parts are not available for immediate shipment, we may special request them from the factory. This can take at least 1 month.

We do not ship replacements outside the 48 contiguous states.

*If a part can be shipped by a US Post Service, to your given address then we can ship the requested part.

Please ask your customer service representative for details.

All claims may require one or all of the following:

  • Screenshot of the receipt
  • Name on order
  • Purchase Order Number (PO#)
  • Images/Videos of damaged or defective item/part

If proof of purchase is not available, customer may have the option of purchasing the part.

Any visible damage due to neglect, misuse, or abuse will void the limited warranty of the product.

For further information, please contact us:

Office Phone: (951) 319-4433