1. All XBrand fountains have 2 essential parts:
    • Pump
    • Tubing
  2. Some XBrand fountains have
    • LED lights w/ adapters as well
  3. Please check first does your fountain come with LED lights, as each fountain is different.

Instruction on connecting the pump:

  1. First remove the pump out of the box and connect it with the tubing.
  2. The tubing is already connected to the fountain.
  3. The cord from the fountain can be pulled out of the back door or from the bottom:
    • Notice NOT all the fountains have a back door.
    • Some of them you have to pull the cord from the bottom.


  1. First insert the fitting into the pump (if the fitting is not already inserted)
  2. Then put the tub into the fitting.

Instruction on connecting the LED lights

  1. Each LED light has a connection, please connect the male with the female part and then screw it tightly, so that the water does not leak into the connection

Troubleshooting Waterflow:

  1. Make sure your tubing is not kinked.
  2. NO Flow?
    • it may have been that you started the pump before inputting the water. This causes the air to get stuck in the pump and takes a few minutes for the air to get out.
    • It is best to fill it up with water first, and then turn on the pump.
  3. Insufficient Flow?
    • If your water flow is not running correctly, please make sure adjust the pump valve.
    • Also please make sure the fountain is leveled; you may have to adjust the fountain manually just so that the water can start flowing correctly.
  4. Although most of our pumps have auto shut-off, make sure you keep the pump free of dirt and leaves, and other debris. This will ensure long-lasting pump.