Xbrand 28″L/21.3″L Brown and Black Concrete/MgO Walking Tortoise/Turtle Statue, Indoor or Outdoor Décor, Natural Design Sculpture (TortoiseBnBkX91, TurtleBnBkX84) (Copy)


Add a welcoming ambience to your home with this Walking Tortoise/Turtle Statue by Xbrand. This lawn statue features a tranquil turtle statue to offer a warm welcome to your home, front yard, garden, or patio. The outdoor statue features intricate, life-like details on the sculpture, making it ideal for placing in front of a pond or fountain to reflect its serene and peaceful spirit. Add multiple statues to create an enchanted garden display. Xbrand statues are perfect for display on your deck, porch, or outdoor tabletop as a centerpiece. They can also be used as a decorative accent in your flowerbeds or in your home’s interior décor.